Our philosophy was formed around the fact that risk management begins at the onset of the claims process. We employ our personnel to ensure file quality, training, and personnel qualifications. Our dynamic team of Executive Adjusters, Contractors, and Engineers are available to provide your team with dynamic solutions to your FNOL response for all your residential, commercial, daily, and catastrophe claims. Whether you need a detailed FNOL claims evaluation, task assignment, or the determination of a particular cause of loss by an engineer, our team delivers the whole picture on every assignment, without cutting corners, with known and employed personnel. This approach ensures that we can provide our clients all the necessary information to make an informed coverage decision and avoid litigious pitfalls.

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We understand the need for a clear, concise, and thorough investigation by the FNOL team on the ground. Our specialized team of in-house Executive Adjusters have years of experience and specialized training in proper file documentation and claim investigations, helping obtain critical loss details from the onset of the claim investigation. We understand the critical nature of getting it right from the onset of the claim process and documenting key loss details. Important details which can ultimately lead to an appropriate and defensible coverage determination.

Eliminate surprises, minimize risk, get it right the first time. Details matter.
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We are not only contractors, but also seasoned licensed adjusters. Our team of General, Residential, and Roofing Contractors, have the years of experience and expertise necessary to properly evaluate even the most convoluted and complex of claims. Wind damage or a flashing failure? TPO or PVC? Collapsed drain line or obstruction? Our trade experience combined with our in-depth understanding of policy language, uniquely allows us the ability to proactively provide answers to questions your team needs to assess coverage appropriately and accurately.

Questions as to the scope of repair? Our team has years of combined experience working in residential and commercial construction, as well as years of experience working for multiple insurance carriers throughout the United States and abroad. Our team of Contractors can provide an accurate scope of repair based on sound construction practices, adherence to Florida Building Code, and standard Xactimate industry pricing, all while minimizing unnecessary and litigiously costly exposure.


Determining the cause of a loss or component failure is critical to any investigation. Technical analysis, and an ability to work a problem backwards is the backbone of our forensic approach. Our skilled team of multi-disciplinary engineers have years of experience in forensic analysis, design, research, and Standards committee involvement. We understand that all factors associated warrant consideration, and that a conclusion can only be derived by way of a detailed investigation. Whether it’s construction defect, wind, flood, or vehicle impact, our team can get you the answers you need to make the correct coverage decisions.

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