Loss consulting is at the heart of DDA Claims Management’s culture. We understand that not every claim or case is the same. Every situation is unique, requiring personnel which can not only deliver an exceptional air-tight work product, but is uniquely suited for that particular case’s situation. Our unique understanding of risk, policy knowledge, and technical expertise makes DDA Claims Management uniquely suited to be your trusted partner. Our consulting services are entirely customizable to suit our client needs and deliver an experience which seamlessly blends into our client’s operations. Whether your case needs a general contractor, engineer, or plumber, we have you covered. We provide you a single point of contact. Gone are the days of chasing multiple experts and coordinating multiple inspections. Let our experts focus on the technical, so you can focus on your legal strategy. Available services are listed below. Please inquire for more specific case needs.


  • Causation Analysis
  • Scope & Pricing
  • Risk Analysis Review
  • Dispute Resolution Strategies