DDA Claims Management is an expert consulting and dispute resolution firm consisting of executive adjusters, contractors, and engineering professionals. We specialize in assisting insurance companies and law firms in investigating, evaluating, and resolving first party property claims.


DDA Claims Management specializes in building consulting services, including First Notice of Loss claims handling, alternative dispute resolution, and expert witness services. We are a group of experienced contractors, engineers, and adjusters, who specialize in prompt response to daily and catastrophic claim events. Our ability to deploy licensed contractors with 6-20 adjuster licenses, as well as forensic engineers throughout the state, uniquely positions DDA Claims Management to provide our clients with a comprehensive claims management solution. Since DDA Claims Management is also a licensed and insured construction, engineering, and roofing company, we offer to complete the scope of repair for our estimated price – It’s that simple. “First Notice of Loss to trial testimony, we have you covered”


We believe that every claim deserves an honest answer. Our adjusting team is trained in the field and on live construction sites by our in-house expert contractors and engineers. Our ability to dispatched contractors and engineers give us the unique ability deploy cohesive teams simultaneously reducing cycle times, maximizing project efficiency, and customer satisfaction. A claim represents a single opportunity for a policyholder to interact with your company. DDA believes that great customer service does not stop with the Agent. We believe that customer service should span across the entire spectrum of the claims process to include building consulting services.